The nano-scale photo-catalytic air purifier has a strong photo oxidation and reduction function. Free hydroxyI and reactive oxygen, generated in the photo-catalytic reaction, which is similar to photosynthesis, have extremely strong oxidation ability to degrade various organic compounds, as well as part of inorganic compounds. Oxidation can break the cell membranes of bacteria, solidify the protein of viruses, and kill the bacteria. The chemical reaction can also change the organic pollutants into water (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2) and other harmless substances.

The nano-scale photo-catalytic air purifier can effectively kill bacteria and viruses (Legionella influenza viruses, ARSA malignant bacteria and Escherichia coli) in the air, with killing rate  ≥  99%.Thanks to the multiple advanced technologies applied in the equipment, PUREN products can quickly and effectively purify Formaldehyde, TVOC, Benzene substances, etc, which can cause cancer, malformation and mutation, with purifying rate ≥ 99%;And for malodorous gas (Ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc), the removing rate is  ≥  90%.


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