Centralized Air Flow       Sustained Purification

PN-AD Duct air purifier is suitable for use inside the branch air duct of centralized air conditioning system. It caters to the needs of relatively large space, such as banquet halls, hospital corridors, centralized offices, and airport terminals. Installed inside air conditioning air duct, the product’s high sterilizing capability can ensure the cleanness of the air duct system, and thoroughly purifies air being delivered indoor through the air duct.

PN-AD model air purifier adopts flange installation method, with the flange riveted on the side of air duct for easy maintenance. Featuring manual and automatic operating models, PN-AD can operate simultaneously with speed-adjustable fan system if optional automatic control sensor device is selected. Separated from air conditioning equipment power supply, PN-AD completely eliminated the compatibility problem with air conditioning control system. By combining multiple modules, the product is perfectly suitable for air duct with high wind speed . If air duct wind volume ≥6000m3/h, and wind speed ≥7m/s, PN-AD-I/10 model air purifier is recommended.

The product model The corresponding terminal equipment of air
Wind speed
Purifier size (including the size of control box)
Length * width * height (mm)
Cleaner into the duct size 
Length * width * height (mm)
Line voltage Power
( w )
PN-AD-I/2  ≤2000 ≥7 506*246*423 412*170*357 AC 220V
PN-AD-I/4 2000~4000  658*318*423 412*170*557 24
PN-AD-I/6 4000~6000  506*246*573 624*264*357 40
PN-AD-I/10 6000~10000  658*318*573 624*264*557 60



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